Electroplating Machines for Home and Professionals

Health and Safety Requirements

Any electroplating operation (zinc plating, chromium plating, nickel plating, copper plating, etc.) is a dangerous process, therefore, when it is performed at home it is necessary to follow all the safety requirements. Both toxic chemicals and the high heating temperature of the electrolyte, as well as the risks associated with any electrochemical processes, make electroplating dangerous.

When electroplating at home, it is better to carry out works in a non-residential area, e.g. a garage or a workshop. The area must be well ventilated. All electrical equipment that you will use for electroplating must be grounded.

You must wear rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator when working with the electroplating machine.

Personal safety is the most important rule that must be strictly adhered to when electroplating at home.
Measures that can provide such security include:

Use of a respirator to protect the respiratory tract in the event of aerosol inhalation;
Hand protection, i.e. soft and durable rubber gloves to protect skin;
Protection for the organs of vision with the help of special glasses – these are necessary to prevent any damage to your eyes in the event of aerosol/spillage;
The use of an oilcloth apron and shoes that can protect the skin from potential burns in the event of spillage.

In addition, during the electroplating procedure you should never eat or drink anything, so as not to accidentally swallow harmful fumes/chemicals.

To be prepared for any unexpected events that may arise when electoepalting it is better to first read manuals and safety documentation specific for electroplating. You can also watch trainings video online.

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